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In the medical world there have been a lot of debates whether a couple can actually determine the gender of the baby that they are going to have. This debate is shrouded with numerous myths, facts and speculations. It is however important to state from the onset that determining the gender of the baby that a couple will get up to 100% certainty is currently impossible. The only thing that a couple can do towards ensuring that their effort pays towards this end is to know some factual information that surrounds conceiving a baby. How to conceive a boy has been a topic between many couples and it is important to take note of some of the factors that one might consider very important in their endeavor to conceiving a boy child.

The first thing that a person will need to understand is that when the Y sperm combines with the ova, the outcome is a boy. On the other hand when the X sperm comes into contact with the ova, the outcome will be a girl. Both Y and X chromosomes have different characteristics that help in the determining the gender which their child will be.

The Y sperm is said to be full of energy and agility which does not last for long. Still, this sperm is not resilient to harsh conditions and is will likely fizzle out within 24 hours after leaving the body of the many. Having known the physical characteristics of the Y sperm, it becomes quite easy to align the bodies of both the man and the woman towards getting the boy they so much want. One of the areas to start will is the timing of intercourse. The woman’s vaginal produces mucous substance which thickens and at other times thins out. It is most thin and watery just before ovulation starts and immediately after the ovulation. The Y sperm will have a better chance surviving in this condition which is also alkaline in nature.

The intercourse positions are the other way out when looking into how to conceive a boy. Because the Y sperm is agile but very weak in survival tactics, it is encouraged that a couple engages in sexual activities when there is more likelihood of having the Y sperm reaching the ova first. Such position would be like entering from the rear. This way, the sperm will get deposited in the cervix which is very near the ova and which will have given the sperm lesser obstacles to reach the destination.


The foods that both the man and the woman eat prior to conceiving will determine to a greater extent if they will have a boy or a girl. Weeks before the actual date that a couple plans on conceiving the child, it is important that the woman eats those foods that will make their vagina more alkaline than acidic. As stated earlier, the Y sperm will survive better if the conditions it is subjected to are alkaline in nature. Some of the foods that the woman should eat and which will help them on how to conceive a boy include zucchini, peas, mushrooms, red meat and eggs and so on. As for the man, they should eat foods that increase their sperm count. A good example of such food would be watermelon which contains magnesium.

On learning how to conceive a boy, a couple should also be aware that it is not possible to rely on these natural methods of conceiving a boy and relying on them 100%. These methods only increase the chance of getting a boy.