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People will always love their children no matter what. The experience will become much more worth for many people if they are given the authority of not only to have a baby but also of determining its gender. There are numerous tactics on how to have a baby boy for couple. In the recent past, conceiving of a baby has been made well understood among couples such that can now determine the gender of their child if they so chose.

In most of the circumstances, the determining of the gender of the child can be done naturally and with about 75% success rate. For the couples who look forward to getting their baby boy in their arms, then this is the way to go.

The sperm is made up of Y and the X components. The X is for the girl while the Y is for the boy. The characteristics of these two chromosomes are different and the traits of each make them capable of fertilizing the ova under different conditions. The Y sperm is great at swimming towards the ova but it seems like it has only so much energy. It is also a sperm that doesn’t survive in hostile conditions. It is for example known that the Y sperm cannot fertilize 24 hours after it has left the body of a man while the X sperm will take up to 5 days waiting.

When looking for ways in to how to have a baby boy, it is important that a couple considers all these conditions and traits that the Y sperm carries with it. A woman’s body will for example need to be alkaline, at least during the ovulation period. The reason for this is that, the mucus that is found in the vagina is more likely to be watery and less sticky just before ovulation and after ovulation.


Combined with the fact that the body will be alkaline in nature and the additional efforts that a woman takes to make it alkaline, this is the perfect time to try and have a boy. The making of a baby is the work of the man and the woman. It is therefore important that the man also takes necessary measures into ensuring that their sperm count is high. When looking in to how to have a baby boy, the man will need to wear boxers which happen not to be tight. They should also eat healthy.