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Many people are now learning that they can actually influence the gender of their children. In light of this, people are now going to the doctors and the other experts in a view to getting help on how to get pregnant with a boy or a girl. Based on the ample tips which are given in the Shettles study that was conducted in 1960s, it becomes apparent that it is actually possible for a couple to determine the gender of their child by up to 75% if they get to diligently follow the tips given in the study. There are several other studies which have over the years and which give important tips also. In general many of the studies and researches that have been conducted by various parties agree on several principles which include the following.

The first thing that a couple will need to do is to understand under what conditions the baby gets to be made. A person will need to know that every sperm has the Y part and the X part. The Y sperm stands for the boy while the X stands for the girl. When looking into how to get pregnant with a boy, it is imperative that a couple considers the conditions under which the boy shall be conceived.

Tips to use so as to conceive a boy

  • One of the things that a woman will need to do is get an ovulation chart. The chart will help them determine the actual date that they will ovulate. It is advised that the couples get to have intercourse 24 hours before the ovulation start and 12 after the ovulation has stopped.


  • When using the ovulation chart, the woman will need to also take their basal body temperatures which help them know exactly when ovulation is about to start. The temperature will shoot up just before ovulation starts. When looking into how to get pregnant with a boy, the woman will also need to buy an LH kit which helps them know when it is the best time to try conceiving a boy.
  • Diet is the other player when it comes to determining how to get pregnant with a boy. The woman will need to eat foods that are rich in alkaline compounds which include sodium and potassium. On the other hand they should avoid foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium.