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In trying to define the life that they lead, many people are now opting to control the gender of the children that they conceive. In so doing, they are employing medical information and evidence as well as traditionally proven tactics that have with time fallen under the medical sphere. There are several tactics that many people use in order to get the children they desire based on the gender.

One of the popular methods that is getting used by almost everyone who wishes to influence the gender of their little ones is through diet. When looking into how to conceive a boy diet, it is important to consider the facts that surround the reasoning.

The foods to eat when looking for the best way to conceiving a boy are those that are more alkaline in nature. Foods that contain sodium and potassium are the most ideal for this function. The foods that fall under the alkaline section and which contain potassium and sodium include, table salt, ham, sausage, crackers, eggs, seafood, baked potatoes and mushrooms among others.

The need to eating these foods is to create an ideal environment in the woman’s body so that the Y sperm can reach the ova without encountering so many obstructions one of them being acidity that is eliminated by these foods.

There are foods that are classified as boy foods by many nutritionists especially those that deal with gender matters. The boy foods will reduce the calcium in the body as well as the magnesium so that the body of the woman becomes more favorable for the survival of the Y sperm. In order to achieve this goal a woman is encouraged to avoid all the dairy products which tend to have more of these compounds.


When working on how to conceive a boy diet with exceptional results, it is important to also know that the woman will need to eat throughout the day foods that are highly energetic and whose glucose levels are high. This helps in making the body energetic which is favorable for the success of the Y sperm at the time of conception. The man on the other hand should also eat energetic food because when their bodies are energized so will the Y sperms. A man will also increase their chances of getting a boy if they take a caffeinated drink just before the time of conceiving.