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For centuries now, people have been using different methods to determine the gender of their children. With the discovery of the sperm components and their characteristics it became somehow easier for the people to know why they get boys or girls based on factual evidence. Still, there is no actual way that a person can employ to get a child of a certain gender and be sure 100% of the outcome.

Even the vitro fertilization which in the past recent years has gained popularity and which is very expensive does not give a 100% surety of the results. Many people now look into how to conceive a boy naturally with the consideration of the medical facts on the table.

In the 60s, there was a Dr. Lundrum Shettles who strived to define why couples get boys or girls. The doctor did a study and it showed that a person can actually work on how to conceive a boy naturally. The one thing that such a couple will need to understand is how their bodies function. With the use of these methods, a couple will tilt the scales towards their side.

When it comes to the woman, she should work around several areas involving their ovulation together with the alkalinity and the acidity levels of their bodies. The first thing that a woman will need to do is to make a chart that accurately shows their ovulation cycle. By using this chart, Shettles study states that having intercourse 24 hours before the ovulation starts and 12 hours after it stops increases the chances of getting a boy.


During this time, the vagina is more inclined to alkalinity and the mucus is less viscous. A woman will also need to actually have an orgasm. When a woman has an orgasm, an alkaline substance is released and this promotes the chances of the Y sperm reaching the ova.

As for the man, when they are looking into how to conceive a boy naturally, they should consider eating healthy so as to increase their sperm count. Bearing in mind that the Y sperm is weaker, it is only prudent that they are many to increase the chances. The other way to increase the sperm is by wearing briefs that are not tight. The man should eat energetic foods and just before having intercourse they should take a caffeinated beverage.