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For many years now, people have wanted to have children. More than that, many of the people will have a natural preference to have a certain gender. A man will want a boy while a woman will want to have a girl to see just how cute she will be. In all instances, couples want their preference and for centuries, there have been ideas passed from different quarters on what to do or increase their chances of getting a child of a particular gender. In the 60s, the Shettles study was conducted and it came up with several points which help people who want to learn how to conceive a boy.

Doctor Lundrum Shettles, who was the doctor who conducted the study, first conceptualized the whole idea of getting a boy on some basic facts and understanding. The first thing that a couple must understand is how fertilization takes place. There are Y chromosomes and the X chromosomes in the sperm. The Y stands for the male oriented sperm while the X is for the female. When the sperms get deposited in the vagina, they swim towards the ova.

The Y sperm happens to be fast with a short lived bout of energy. It will swim fast but not for long and it will be less likely to maneuver its way through harsh environment. On the other hand, the X sperm is resilient and is slow when it comes to swimming towards the ova. It can stand about waiting to reach the ova up to 5 days after it leaves the man’s body.

Bearing in mind all these facts, it will not be easy in understanding how to conceive a boy. The chances that a boy will be conceived increase if a person bears in mind the basic qualities of each of the sperms. Using the various tips that Shettles concept gives combined with other medical facts, it becomes more likely that a person will have a boy. If all of the tips are used, then chances of getting a boy improve to as much as 75%. Here are some of the tips that a couple can employ.

A person should draw up an ovulation chart so that they can improve the chances of getting a boy. When using this chart, it can be seen that cervical mucus tends to thin out just before one starts to ovulate. For a woman to be sure the right time is picked, it is important to prepare the chart at least a month before. The other important thing about the ovulation chart is that basal boy temperature (BBT) will suddenly shoot up just before ovulation starts. An observation chart for about two months should be made so as to increase the accuracy.


There is also the luteinizing hormone which can be detected using a locally available kit which can be bought at a pharmacy. How to conceive a boy becomes now easy because a person will know the time which it is most appropriate to have intercourse. It is advised that the best time would be about 24 hours before ovulation and no later than 12 hours after ovulation.

A man should eat healthy foods that will increase their sperm count. More than this, the man should also make a point of only wearing boxers so as to make the testes free. When the time of having intercourse comes, the pentration position will matter because of the swimming ability of the Y sperm. How to conceive a boy will be made possible if the intercourse position is in such a way that the sperm gets deposited in the cervix which will take the Y sperm to reach the ova.