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Many people all over the globe wonder if they can influence the gender of the child they get. Well, over the many centuries that have passed, there have been myths which have been carried on to the modern times. The determining the gender a child is was made factual when medical practitioners threw their weight into this area in the 60s. With the understanding of the way a child is actually made and the characteristics of each of the baby making feature, it became easier for people to even understand how to have a boy or even a girl.

Getting a boy is possible if a person or rather a couple understands and appreciates the numerous factors that come into play at the time of conception. One of the players is the alkalinity that the body of the woman has. If the body is alkaline in nature, at least during the time which the couple looks forward to conceiving, then chances are that they will have increased the possibility of getting a boy.

One of the ways through which a couple will know exactly when and how to have a boy is by the woman closely watching and monitoring the ovulation cycle. For a month at least, the woman should make a chart such that she will know the exact date and time that it will happen. If intercourse is had 24 hours before the start of ovulation and or 12 hours after ovulation, then the chances of having a boy are tremendously increased.

At this time, the mucous substance that a woman has will be waterlier and the Y sperm will have a much better chance of reaching the ova.


While keeping a keen eye on the ovulation cycle, it is important that the woman as well as the man eat foods that respectively increase their chances of getting a boy. How to have a boy will be easy if the many wears less tight underwear like boxers. This gives the testes breathing space and the making of the sperm will be more feasible. The man should also concentrate on eating foods that will improve their sperm count. Just before intercourse, the man can have an energy drink whose energy will be transported all the way to the sperms. A woman will also need to eat foods that are energetic as well as foods that have potassium and sodium.