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There are many couples out there who wish they would determine or at least influence the gender of their babies. Some medical practitioners have disputed the possibility of this while others have actually gone ahead and stipulated the different things that a person should do if they are looking into how to conceive a baby boy. When looking into the various ways that they can influence the gender of the child, it is important that they take into account all the facts about the woman’s body as well as the man’s body.

The first thing that a couple will need to take into account or understand fully is that they can’t 100% influence the gender of their child. However, when using the Shettles concept which was developed in the 60s, then it becomes much easier because up to 75% accuracy will be achieved. The other very important thing on how to conceive a baby boy is to understand the sperms and the ova and how the two relate to the different environments that they are exposed to.

The male sperm is denoted as Y and the female sperm as X. the Y sperm is agile and can swim much faster than the X sperm. This makes it more likely to reach the ova before the X does. On the other hand, the Y sperm even though it is agile and has energy, this is only for a short while. The Y sperm will only be able to survive and be in a position to fertilize no later than 24 hours.

This makes it necessary to create an environment that will enable the Y sperm to reach the ova before the X sperm and to fertilize.


One of the ways on how to conceive a baby boy which will be favorable to the Y sperm is for the couple to have intercourse 24 hours just before ovulation starts and no later than 12 hours after ovulation. The reason behind this is because the vagina is more alkaline then than at any other time of the month. the other conditions that p[roves favorable for the conceiving a baby boy is because the mucus that is usually in the vagina is at that time less viscous than at any other time during the month.

This means that the sperm will find it easier to swim in that condition. The pentration positions which help in placing the sperm near the ova are also good towards this end.